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Re: "Directed" vs "Basic" research

Hi all-
Is Jim Green trying to make an argument from the particular to
the general? Shouldn't physics teachers teach our students how to argue
On Sat, 24 Feb 2001, Jim Green wrote:

... the direction [of research projects] is best
chosen by the worker and not by the bosses, or "society" or whatever.

I was giving a review of my ongoing research at an IBM divisional meeting;
The division head was in attendance. Near the end of the presentation the
head asked "How do you know when you are through" "Sol", I replied, "this
is research. One is never 'through'" Later my manager came to my office
and told me that he was instructed to give me "hell" for the comment and
the rebuf was recorded in my jacket.

So much for bosses.

Jim Green

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