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I agree that a civilized, inquisitive society
should have some room in its budget for basic research
as well as grand explorations. Representative govt is
supposed to help sort out how much is enough. But what
makes me VERY nervous is when major funding for a
project comes from the Defense Department. The DOD is
NEVER in it for altruistic reasons. I shudder to think
what kind of weapons could be developed if we truly
understood all there is to know about the subatomic
world. In the interest of self-preservation, I submit
that there is some knowledge that is better left
unknown. Of course, the rub is how to tell in advance.
Maybe the rest of us need to rely on those of you on
the cutting edge to say "No, the potential for
terrible consequences is just too great to go ahead in
this area."(?) John Barrere Apex HS

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