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Re: Moon landing Hoax (spinoffs)

BUT to assert that the nation should take on projects the
size of the SSC, or a Moon trip, or the Hubble based on the
idea that some scientific knowledge will eventually spin off
into a data reservoir and thereby technology might
eventually be enhanced this seems to me to be over reaching
-- projects of this size should be debated publicly and
weighed against other expensive projects and my favorite,
pay down the damn federal debt.

I agree let debate it, however we do elect representatives to
represent us. They need to know what we want.
Education is a hot issue right now, yet I believe I am the
only one on my staff (about 90) that write or calls the
senators and representative. I think we get what we
deserve sometimes. Once a project is given the go ahead,
it should go ahead, don't stop in the middle. I agree about
paying down the debt, this should benefit all as it should
eventually free up money to do other things like "big"
science instead of paying interest.

There _will_ be scientific gains -- yes there will, but the
taxpayer should have a vote as to whether s/he thinks those
gains outweigh the value of other uses for _his/her_ money.
I resent it that the Congress seems to think that the money
it _theirs_ to spend as they wish. For one, Bush sees that
if the money is in Washington the money _will_ be spent --
despite the rhetoric -- and likely spent in the state/county
of the congressman with the most influence -- a la the SSC!

We a taxpayers do have a vote, but that is not enough. We
need to keep on top of our representatives.

And don't rebut with the idea of a surplus -- ie money the
congress has robbed from my wallet without asking -- there
_is_ no surplus!! The nation is in debt!!!

There might be a surplus this year of tax money coming in
faster than being spent (although I not sure), but if there
is it definetly should be used to pay down the national

Tim O'Donnell
Instructor of Physics and Chemistry
Celina High School
715 East Wayne Street
Celina, Ohio 45822
(419) 586-8300 Ext 1200 or 1201

"Chance only favors the prepared mind." - Louis Pasteur