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Re: Moon landing Hoax

Well, I tend to agree w/ Jim, but in a different way. I think it was a horrible
waste -- "We" spend jillions of $s while americans starve or remain uneducated,
etc. just to satisfy a war criminal's ego.


P.s Did it succeed in learning anything a robot mission couldn't have
discovered, at a much lower price.

Hugh Haskell wrote:

So, Jim, you are telling us that it is reasonable that NASA and the
rest of the Federal Government, involving at least several hundred
thousand people, have managed to keep this little hoax alive for over
thirty years without anyone, including the Russians, finding out? I
guess you think the alien abductions are serious, too, and the
finding of the remains of the ark on the side of Maount Ararat, as
well as all of the various conspiracy theories about JFK's
assassination? Too quote J. Gordon Liddy, who I understand stole it
from Ben Franklin, "three people can keep a secret, providing two of
them are dead."

And you don't care if we have gone to the moon or not? The greatest
exploratory voyage in the history of mankind, and you don't care if
it is true or not? All of those people who watched the launch of the
Apollo rocket that took those three to the moon, all of the sailors
on the aircraft carrier who picked them up a week or so later, all of
the people who manned the mission control center, all of the
engineers who designed and built the rocket and space craft, all of
them have been unanimously lying to us for the past thirty years,
without a single defection? And you don't care? Really?

With so little spirit of adventure, how did you ever get involved in physics?


Hugh Haskell

(919) 467-7610

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