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Re: Moon landing Hoax

Hugh finds it hard to believe that the feds can keep a secret for 30 years.
He has put his finger on the crux of many conspiracy theories, including the
CIA being behind the JFK assassination and the USAF keeping the real
explanation of UFOs secret. Having served in the CIA for 20 years, I have
first hand evidence that Liddy/Franklin was right. That agency itself, and
especially a group of federal agencies, could never maintain the secrecy of
even small operations, much less a large,complex one, for so long.

Paul O. Johnson
The Science Place

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From: "Hugh Haskell" <hhaskell@MINDSPRING.COM>
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Sent: Tuesday, February 20, 2001 10:38 PM
Subject: Re: Moon landing Hoax

So, Jim, you are telling us that it is reasonable that NASA and the
rest of the Federal Government, involving at least several hundred
thousand people, have managed to keep this little hoax alive for over
thirty years without anyone, including the Russians, finding out? I
guess you think the alien abductions are serious, too, and the
finding of the remains of the ark on the side of Maount Ararat, as
well as all of the various conspiracy theories about JFK's
assassination? Too quote J. Gordon Liddy, who I understand stole it
from Ben Franklin, "three people can keep a secret, providing two of
them are dead."