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Re: [Science] Moon landing Hoax (fwd)

Michael Shermer had a complete refutation of the Fox broadcast on his
mailling list. I will forward a copy directly to Barbara Reger. If
anyone else wants it and doesn't get Michaels list, let me know and
I'll forward the information to you.


Here is a very interesting question...can anyone help this person?

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Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2001 15:36:11 -0500
From: Barbara Reger <>
Subject: [Science] Moon landing Hoax

I am currently teaching about the History of the Space Program. Many of my
students viewed that TV special on Fox 59 last week and now are arguing
that we did not really land on the moon. I do not have what I call 'good
proof' that it was not a hoax to counter what that show said in regard to:
the different direction of shadows
the American flag was waving in one of the clips they showed
and finally the show said that the astronauts needed to have 6 feet
thick steel to protect them from the radiation.
I can tell them other evidence of proof but cannot sufficiently counter the
clips and examples they showed. Can anyone help with facts to counter this
stupid show? Thanks, Barbara

Barbara H. Reger
Creston Middle School
10925 E. Prospect St.
Indianapolis, IN 46239
FAX: (317)532-6899
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