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Re: Speed of Light

At 20:02 2/20/01 -0500, David Bowman wrote:
Regarding David Abineri's questions:

A high school student asked about the speed of light escaping from just
beyond the event horizon of a black hole. Is the speed slower than c?

Yes *and* no. It depends on just how you propose to measure it. Like
*any* other light ray anywhere else in the universe, if a photon passes
by (or through?) any observer that photon will *locally* be observed to
travel exactly *at* speed c as it goes by. ///
David Bowman

Hmmm....Any light ray anywhere travels at c.
You could even say it was an article of faith.

Except for the handlamp carried by the sub aqua diver?
Or the light pulse traveling along a glass fiber that carries this
message to some readers?
Or should I invoke the flight time between molecules?

brian whatcott <> Altus OK