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Re: toxicity of kitchen utensils

On Tue, 20 Feb 2001, John S. Denker wrote:

Hmmmmmm. It seems like quite a stretch to use that site to support the
general notion that "copper is toxic" or to support deprecation of copper

Whatcott has done a nice job with copper toxicosis, but
the general point should be made that ALL things are toxic
in sufficient quantity; yes, even oxygen, water or 'love'
as I tell my classes. Toxic is not a useful word unless the
levels associated with that toxicity are understood, and
even the question of 'level' is tricky, the subject of the
discipline, toxicology.
In sufficient quantities Cu is toxic, but it is also, as
pointed out, an essential trace nutrient without which we
are in deep trouble. Same goes for lots of other things.
Lead happens to be one of the elements for which no
essential level has been established.
Most metals are more soluble in low pH, increasing acidity
media, so it matters what you are cooking in your pots and
the response of those specific metals to the temperature and
the medium, including both pH and what in the medium the
metal ions may bind to. Not just metals: lead glazed
ceramics are unwise, especially with acidic food stuffs.