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Re: Global Warming?

--- "John S. Denker" <jsd@MONMOUTH.COM> wrote:
We are trained to focus on the facts. The letter
writer made a sly
ad-hominem argument ("scientists ... on the
government dole") impugning the
motives of those he saw as supporting an opposing

There is a rather strong ad-hominem attack in the
other direction. Several years ago, while in high
school, I spent a semester researching global warming,
as it was germane to the topic (alternative fuels) of
the competitive debate league I was in. We were
required to be prepared to debate both sides of the
issue. The most difficult part of the research was
not finding global warming advocates who weren't "on
the government dole" but finding skeptics who weren't
paid by oil and auto companies and who published in
journals that weren't owned by oil and auto companies.
I was quite stricken at the time, and still consider
it something of a loss of innocence with regard to the
media and academia (most of these people had Ph.D
after their name).

Zach Wolff

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