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Re: Global Warming?

You always have to worry about claims like that because just what is a
"scientist". I usually ignore political statements when signed by people I am

But having said that, many astronomers, are miffed at those climatic models that
assume a stable sun. While the first ten months of last year were the warmest
10 months since we started calulating world wide temperature in 1895, December
2000 and January 2001 were the coldest worldwide months since the 1895. While
we were setting modest record lows here in the states, Russia and Siberian were
setting spectacular record lows for days on end. In Krasnoyarsk the temperature
never got above -58F for the entire month of Decemeber, and January will
probably come in with even more deadly cold. Climatologists like Robert Balling
at the University of Arizona are working on the variability of the sun and the
earth's climate, but I do not know how good the work is. This is clearly an area
where more needs to be done.

David Emigh

Eugene Mosca wrote:

There is a letter in this mornings Reading paper claiming that there is no
basis for global warming. The author asks "How many scientists who are not
on the government dole believe in global warming?" He goes on to answer his
own question by stating "Seventeen thousand scientists have signed a
statement saying that global warming is not happening. How can you
disregard this fact? The Earth's temperature has not changed in the last 60
years. This has been measured by weather balloons and satellite

Does anyone know the basis for his claim that "Seventeen thousand scientists
have signed a statement saying that global warming is not happening?"


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