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Re: Cosmology

In a message dated 2/14/01 1:29:03 PM Eastern Standard Time,

Would it not also be true, that assuming the cosmological constant is
really some positive value, it would mean that each and every unbound
cosmological structure would be accelerating away from each other at the
exact rate.

Not really. The amount of the acceleration would depend on the distance
the unbound structures were from each other, the masses of those
structures, and the mean density of any background matter that might
fill the space between and around the structures.
Dave When I wrote the above I made the assumption (Which I should have
stated) that the effects of the attractive component of gravity was zero.
Given that as an assumption then the acceleration of every unbound structure
in the Universe would be a function of the cosmological constant and R only.
It is my contention that R is the same for every unbound structure therefore
all the unbound structures would experience the same acceleration.

Bob Zannelli