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Re: advice on classroom modifications

Is it possible for you to put a few photos that show details of your
lab tables on a web page for us to view? Such info doesn't leap off
the architects' pages.


On Tue, 13 Feb 2001 07:11:55 -0400 Tim O'Donnell
<odonnt@CELINA.K12.OH.US> wrote:

Our recent remodel/new construction is like what you
want. Cords and cables all near each other. Other than
the mouse cord - cords/cables are barely visible.
We had the work done through Fanning Howey Architects.
Maybe they can help. Here is there web address.

One issue related to classroom modifications is technology
friendly furniture and cabinetry. Does anyone know of any
manufacturers who design lab furniture with technology
integration in mind. It seems that the "newer" labs (within
5 years) are still retrofitting CPU's, monitors, and other
equipment. Is anyone designing cabinetry to include
technology seamlessly? I've seen some hideous setups in
labs with cords all over the place, power at one end of the
table and data ports at the other, and CPUs sitting on the
floor near eyewash/shower drains!

Jon Scott

Bob Muir
Physics & Astronomy 336-334-3255
UNC Greensboro, NC 27402-6170
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