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Re: Cosmology

In a message dated 2/13/01 5:36:44 PM Eastern Standard Time,

<< < In fact, even when M2 = 0 and there is no
second particle at the spatial origin there is a repulsive force
pushing mass M1 away from that origin. >>

Dave would it be more accurate to say that R remains very small, limited to
the size of our one object in our Universe. In fact at the extreme case of
one particle Universe doesn't R equal the Planck scale and for all practical
purposes the force due to the cosmological constant is zero.

I do not understand your reasoning.
I am afraid I was trying to visualize a one particle Universe and not very
well at that. (the moral is never think out loud in print). Your other post,
which was a response to an earlier and less speculative post of mine
clarified how we can meaningfully talk about the situation in your thought
experiment just fine.

Bob Zannelli