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Re: Gee G-2 is wrong!

In a message dated 2/12/01 9:45:42 PM Eastern Standard Time,
emigh@COMMNET.EDU writes:

<< I have to agree with Jack on this one. I am always worried about stuff
that comes
out of the press office at Brookhaven having been a part of two experiments
and seeing what they made of our non-results. I think timing here is an
consideration given a new administration in Washington and this part of the
cycle. They did this last year same time with great chest pounding over
insignificant physics.

David >>

Not to discount what you say since I too have noticed these interesting
timing coincidences but assuming that they have in fact found a chink in the
armor of the standard model it is hardly insignificant physics. Are you
suggesting intentional overstatement or just the normal we got carried away
because we think we really found something syndrome?

Bob Zannelli