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Re: 2 liter bottle launcher safety

The local Coca-Cola office told us that the maximum pressure is 150 psi. I
only have students go up to 80 psi. This is well within the bottles' limit.
I do not know if all bottles are within 150 psi, so I play it safe.

From: Dave Wiener <dlwiener@ROCHESTER.RR.COM>
Reply-To: " Forum for Physics Educators"
Subject: 2 liter bottle launcher safety
Date: Sun, 11 Feb 2001 12:16:24 -0500

What is the maximum pressure you allow your students to use when using
compressed air to launch a 2 liter bottle? What maximum compressed air
pressure can one of these bottles take? Our launcher is homemade, should
expect the O-ring seal to limit the maximum pressure? If the bottle were
explode will it just split open or will flying fragments be produced? Any
warnings, recommendations, and/or precautions would be greatly appreciated.

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