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Re: Cosmology

Leigh Palmer wrote:

There is no evidence that our galaxy is expanding. The universe is
expanding according to evidence of a couple of kinds, but none of
that evidence arises from observation of objects within our galaxy.
No external galaxy is seen to be expanding, either.

I am by no means a cosmologist, but I do enjoy reading and thinking about such
things. I think I understand why you are saying that the evidence of the
expansion of our universe is not found within our galaxy or by observation of
other galaxies. I wonder though why you would so definitively state that our
galaxy is not expanding. If the Milky Way was expanding at a rate similar to
that observed in the universe at large would we have techniques capable of
measure this expansion on scales as small as our galaxy? Perhaps I am missing
something obvious.

My small mind is having trouble thinking about what it means to have a universe
that is stretching the fabric of space-time as we speak but somehow the patch
of fabric that we occupy remains un changed. Any help??

Cliff Parker

Never express yourself more clearly than you can think. -- Niels Bohr