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Re: Solving field equations in Excel

At 04:45 PM 2/9/01 -0600, James S. Marsh wrote:
Hoo Boy! Relaxing in Excel is fun! I never had an occasion to do it before.
Someone posted references to some templates, which I discarded
without a thought. Now I am filled with remorse, and would like to
see them posted again.

Here's my contribution: spreadsheets for solving Laplace's equation with
almost-any boundary conditions:
which documents and points to
simple version:
advanced version:
rotationally-invariant version:

I have revised and enlarged the documentation. It now includes
-- a discussion of conservation of charge,
-- a discussion of gauge invariance
-- an improved discussion of over-relaxation
-- an improved discussion of the Laplacian in non-rectangular coordinates

I also cleaned up the spreadsheet formulas a bit.