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Oh cosmologists, I need tutoring:

1) Our galaxy is expanding -- whirling out into the Universe. And the
Universe is expanding and making our galaxy bigger in the process.

Is this correct?

How does one tell the difference between the two causes of change in size?

2) During the first few minutes of the existence of the Universe, it's
rate of change in size was enormous.

What is the current rate of change in size? In reasonable units? In

3) If the Universe is increasing in size due to a metric increase, doesn't
each part of the Universe change size as well? The distance to
alpha-Centauri is getting bigger? The size of the Solar System is getting
bigger? The diameter of the Earth is getting bigger? The diameter of a
neutron is getting bigger? The diameter of me is getting bigger? My
current excuse for not dieting. <g>

Jim Green