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Re: visualizing fields near charged objects

Leigh Palmer wrote:

27 ^ (+ r direction)
26 |
25 c
24 d a b -> (+z direction
23 e
21 <-(radial index)

Using John's drawing above, in my implementation:

23 25
a <- (2a + d + b + ---- e + ---- c)/6
24 24

where the numerical factors come from the radial index.

This form follows directly from the Laplacian. I also generate a
row (in my case) with radial coordinates. My cells on axis have
a different formula; the surrounding cells are unweighted for
these cells.

This differs from the formula posted by JohnM this morning.
His was:

a <- [(b+c+d+e)+(c-e)/(2*r)]/4

Ludwik Kowalski