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Re: Advanced Placement Physics writes:
A first year AP physics unfortunately tends to lead to weak understanding
the concepts. It should only be a second year course. A good first year
interactive engagement course is highly recommended. I do know of one
person who is using Workshop Physics for an AP course, but I do not know
it is a first or second year course. A good pairing would be Workshop
Physics and Workshop Calculus. Both of these have Priscilla Laws as one
the authors.

There are schools which do teach AP as a first year course, but that is
extremely unwise.

I agree whole-heartedly that conceptual development is essential in any
science course. The success of the program relies on the philosophy and
skill of the teacher and the abilities of the students. Some learn inspite
of us, others because of our common work. More than half of my AP
students are 1st year. I see little difference in the achievement of the
1st and 2nd year students.

If the course is taught simply as a set of algorythms it is not serving
the student well whether they are in their nth year (n>1) or not.

Ken Fox
AP/IB Physics Teacher
Smoky Hill High School
Aurora, CO