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Re: advice on classroom modifications

True. The question is, how abrasive is the dust? Consumer's union (long time
ago) would reject tooth paste, if it contained chalk, or was it diatomaceous
earth (silica).


P.s. Probably soon irrelevant as computers will no longer use recording
heads. Chalk in the keyboard may instead improve performance.

Larry Smith wrote:

At 12:28 PM -0800 2/5/01, Bernard G. Cleyet & Nancy Ann Seese wrote:
A tech. (urban) myth?: Chalk dust enriches computer repairers?

I've heard that. Maybe there is some truth to it. I just try to keep my
computers away from the chalkboards. BTW, whiteboards have dust too.


Larry Smith wrote:

At 11:50 AM -0800 2/3/01, Leon Leonardo wrote:
But we are also under pressure to "think out
of the box" and go with desks arranged in groups so
students face each other in groups of 4, or with desks
that can be easily moved to increase classroom
"flexibility," to dispose of our slateboards and
replace them with whiteboards, to give-up the water
and sinks at each desk (and re-write several labs to
eliminate the water's needs),...

I think a couple of those changes have a lot of potential for good, but
personally I detest whiteboards. The advantages of whiteboards over
chalkboards are tiny and few, while other advantages of chalkboards over
whiteboards are significant and decisive.

I see no reason to do away with the water.

Just MHO,