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Re: Advanced Placement Physics

A first year AP physics unfortunately tends to lead to weak understanding of
the concepts. It should only be a second year course. A good first year
interactive engagement course is highly recommended. I do know of one
person who is using Workshop Physics for an AP course, but I do not know if
it is a first or second year course. A good pairing would be Workshop
Physics and Workshop Calculus. Both of these have Priscilla Laws as one of
the authors.

There are schools which do teach AP as a first year course, but that is
extremely unwise.

If both of you can work together as a team, then students can benefit as
shown by a collaboration done at Texas A&M. This requires rearranging of
topics so that math and physics can line up.

The calculus teacher and I have a chance to teach the
same group of students both calculus and physics at the
same time. Calculus is presently an advanced placement
course while physics is not. Is it realistically possible to
prepare students to take the advanced placement test in
physics with just one year of physics.
Tim O'Donnell
Instructor of Physics and Chemistry
Celina High School
715 East Wayne Street
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"Chance only favors the prepared mind." - Louis Pasteur