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Re: Ideas?

On Tue, 06 Feb 2001 14:51:23 -0500 kyle forinash <kforinas@IUS.EDU>

The local nonprofit business consortium here has an annual Da Vinci
festival (art + science). They called me and they want an idea for:
A competition (<10 teams probably- each from a local business)
involving science for adults. This should be relatively cheap,
should take less than a day to do. The activity they are going to do
kids is going to be an egg drop type of competition (which team can
best design and execute a plan to protect an egg falling from a
given height). They want something a little more challenging for the
adult teams.

The slow bicycle race is really challenging.. The rider who
takes the LONGEST time to ride along a track that is 2 feet wide and
50 feet long wins. Feet touching the ground or tires touching
edges of the track either disqualify competitors or deletes points from
total time.