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air drag

Has anyone determined drag coefficient interms of cross sectional
area for coffee filters, i.e., c1 and/or c2 in the expressions:
Fdrag = -c1*v and Fdrag = -c2*v*v?

Fowles says that for spheres c1 = 1.55e-1 times diameter and
c2 = 0.22 diameter squared.
I expect these to be incorrect for something shaped like a coffee

My students are going to be studying this soon, so I'm interested in
having some independent results to compare with.

Feel free to respond of list.


Bob Muir
Physics & Astronomy 336-334-3255
UNC Greensboro, NC 27402-6170
Life is NOT a dress rehearsal.
The trouble with reality is -- it's never the
way you imagine it! -- Moira (For Better or
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