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Re: Introductory Physics Class

You may wish to look at the Workshop Science web site at This course is successful in improving
elementary teacher's knowledge of physical science. It is mainly physics,
but taught in an integrated manner. It is possible to contact the authors
for access to curriculum material.

I have been asked to teach a introductory college physics
class to propective elementary school teachers who have
never had a physics course before. This will in all
likelyhood be the only physics class they ever take.
Any suggestions to what topics should be "covered."
Thanks for the suggestions and help.

Tim O'Donnell
Instructor of Physics and Chemistry
Celina High School
715 East Wayne Street
Celina, Ohio 45822
(419) 586-8300 Ext 1200 or 1201

"Chance only favors the prepared mind." - Louis Pasteur