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Re: heat is not a noun

Rick, wrote in part:

someone wants to write an introductory text, designed for a
terminal course
in Physics, that remains true to the most sophisticated current
understandings of the subject, please do. Then we'll see whether that
approach attracts or repels students.


VASTLY easier and clearer for students. John Barrere

This is dangerously close to education as a business model of a viewpoint.

I'd prefer that we as "experts" decide whether this sophisticated viewpoint
is important at this level; if it is, we do it; if it isn't we don't do it.
And then teach it that way, regardless of its inherent attractiveness. By
all means use as pretty a package as possible. But if its important, its
important, regardless of the beauty of the package.

If we view all educational topics as requiring ore more attractivness then
repulsiveness to be included in the curriculum; then physics loses almost
all the time. Having once been a 19 year old, there were enumerable things
more attractive than any physics topic; and that was despite having
significantly above average predilection towards physics topics.