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[Phys-L] Instructional Labs -- Teaching Job Opening at UChicago

Hello phys-l Friends!

The University of Chicago Department of Physics is hiring a new staff
member to join our Instructional Laboratories team! *Are you or someone you
know interested?*

This is a full-time staff position to serve as teaching support in the
introductory and advanced lab courses offered by the department. Full
details (and the application link) are available on the UChicago jobs
but the candidate is expected to participate in the following activities:

- Help with day-to-day lab operations (apparatus setup, maintenance, TA
- Build/repair equipment, develop code, write/edit lab manuals, etc.
- Teach and interact with students in-lab and during office hours
- Develop and test new experiments and improve lab curriculum
- Work on occasion with the lecture demonstrator to help run and develop

Applicants should demonstrate a strong interest in teaching. Technical
skills (machine shop, electronics, computer programming, engineering
design, optics, etc.) are a plus. Minimum requirement is a Bachelor's
degree in physics or a related field, but those with MS and PhD degrees are
strongly encouraged to apply.

This is a 100% teaching support position (no research experience required
or expected), though there may be opportunities for the candidate to become
involved in education research if that is an interest. The candidate would
be joining an established team of three people (two colleagues dedicated
specifically to labs and one specifically to lecture demonstrations), and
entering a well-supported, creative environment.

We are accepting applications now and interviewing on a rolling basis.
Please do not hesitate to ask questions about the position or to forward
this on to others who may be interested.


David McCowan
*Laboratory Instructor*
Department of Physics, University of Chicago