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*.. continued from yesterday's message


The actual words that begin Ecclesiastes 9:11, recited by George "Burning"
nine months before the attack are "the race is not to the swift
nor the battle to the strong." Here I'm highlighting the anachronistic
references to the light of modern computer science terms and ideas
connecting Mercury and the race to the Courier font, and the font styles of
strong and bold. Throwing in the additional equivalence of "die" and "the"
in German and the paradoxical reference to the voting booths created by the
company Die Bold we have a Holy statement suggesting that our total lack of
care related to voting and the usage of modern communications technology
has placed us in a position where "the voting booth technology" has won
every election. It's a strong and meaningful statement, and coupled
together with the other reference in Exodus to the Burning Bush... that the
word for fire contains the English for "sea" backwards and parted by an
apostrophe; it lights up the fact that religion is a message sent through
time--and this particular fire is about the disclosure of Creation and time
travel and most importantly, most importantly of all that Die Bold and the
English for "sea" logically couldn't be here without an external influence
guiding them to match the Biblical references. It's a paradox, an
impossibility without that--and what is being proven is that this
influence, this power to control events is really the biggest threat to
democracy and the election process that there could be. It's been ignored
now since this message was originally written
and then rewritten
and then rewritten again
and even as recently as this past Christmas again
showing me at least, if not you too; that there's a real lack of regard for
freedom, freedom to think, and to vote, and to speak. I'm staring at the
world and it seems very surreal, I can't believe you could all be convinced
into thinking you're winning anything by being zombies, or that nobody gets
this enough to speak up

*Here, watch the speech, his inaugural address, and see the scripture.*



The story of Exodus describing the parted sea... the heart of the word
"Ha'esh" ... basically the meat of the entire saga surrounding the
deliverance from slavery should have been enough to spark interest and to
make news; adding in even more light, the "sudo xe" of Exodus in revere;
which means "as god (the Administrator on Linux ... the root of David is
access through the command "sudo" which means "superuser do"), connect
Xenon to the "light" of the lamp stands... so here today the shining
bright light is that after three years it appears that the response of "all
humanity" the "siah" as "see all hum
is the second half of the word "messiah" is that you don't care about
verifiable proof of time travel being a primary purpose of God's message,
religion; nor do you care that it's being actively hidden by the media and
the government--now adding in that you don't care about censorship. You
also don't seem to care that it's being hidden with mind control
technology--hiding these clear patterns or making it seem like there's an
off chance that not seeing "sea in Ha'esh is parted" and thinking that's an
important find... not seeing that means that theologians and physicists and
people who profess interest in religion are either being made stupid or
they're hiding the truth from you.

[image: ./TION.html]

*This should obviously be on the news, not seeing it there is proof of the
invasion of our minds and our governments, see that's really
obvious. Silence is slavery. *


Call a reporter and see what they say when you tell them you got an email
with proof that our religions are all part of a message sent back in time;
and that there's proof of creation, of intelligent design, in every single
word of every single language.

Just my nickel and quarter, making one phone call will make you an angel,
an immortal angel.

See the check for freedom is *rai
and it's in your inbox.

It's not just "sudo xe" and "ha'esh"
language that connects "Silicon" and "computer science" to physics and
Silence really is in every single word, the heart of "every" a key to
Verily and veritas, I say to you... I am sure "ver" means *to see*, and I
am sure that the world will see this message and that all who continue will
understand the language, because the heart of this message is really
linking the words of Neo in the Matrix "I know kung-fu" to the Christian
iconography of "I have eyes to see" that the natural progression of
humanity is that the technology we have and are now seeing disclosure of
will be used to make us healthier, happier, and smarter.

Right now it's being used to show you very clearly that there is a systemic
threat to the survival of intelligent life, and that threat is this
external force hiding this message by breaking logical connections in
people's minds, making them either not see this thing or not realize that
hiding it--that hiding a message about being in virtual reality making it
"easy" for us to end cancer and AIDS and blindness--apparently you aren't
seeing how obvious it is that participating in hiding this knowledge is
evil--and I agree with Martin Luther King ... there comes a time when
Silence is betrayal, and we're well past that line, today.




The message goes on to connect songs like REM's "it's the end of the world
as we know it" *and you should see that as the beginning of Heaven--*to a
number of atrocities, the concept of "everyone" making God unable to solve
these problems because of a conspiracy to hide opinion and input from the
world... appearing in "majority force" being an act God or of nature" and
whatever the reason or cause for hiding this message; proof that we are in
virtual reality--coupled with it--really will end earthquakes and
terrorism--it's as simple as seeing that this Silence is here today, in
Darkness--and public disclosure and discussion of it can do nothing other
than make it better, than give vision rather than blindness, *life rather
than death

[image: adioha.s.lamc.da\]


Y O U C O M P L E T E M E ... A L L H U M A N I T Y

This polarization (or maybe "superposition" is a better explanation) of all
and everyone finds it's way from the name Elohim, which happens to be
plural and the name for "the one true God" of monotheism simultaneously,
all the way to the stories of Exodus and Easter where you can see the
titled and keyed link between the Pharaoh and the Pharisees. They
linguistic key of "ph" happens to end Joseph's name and appear in
Christopher Columbus and I see it as the "Pursuit of Happiness" that
separates Locke and Jefferson's Declaration of Independence. The
implication I see--one that I really don't believe to be accurate as
anything more than a tool--is that some kind of collective of all
responsible for the enslavement of all. Philosophically, it's not so far
fetched to see that it would be very difficult to get anything at all done
if you required a unanimous vote, or even a 55% percent majority on a
polarized issue--which seems commonplace from most everything we have votes


That's a little strange, seeing this nation polarized evenly at 50% on
legislation like gun control--whereas I'd expect the question of "should we
stop terrorism" or "school shootings" to be nearly unanimous majorities.
You can see the devil's in the details, maybe, and it's a question of how
these things are accomplished that might be the continual problem in
anything getting done. So working a process or workflow to ensure that
easy win goals are not lost by difficult implementation it seems pretty
obvious that there should be a resolution (hey look, see that light)
process ... asking for instance "if we should try to feed the hungry with
our food that costs negative money"--meaning it's coming to us out of thin
air and significantly increases economic (and social, and moral) strength
to the community as a whole; before we move on to discussing and voting on
how we might accomplish that in one hour. Disconnecting implementation
details from desired goals in the legislation process (and making that
process part of the Constitution, part of the system) is the kind of thing
you'd think of doing if you cared about accomplishing goals; *just saying*.
Maybe even adding in "bare minimum" implementations and time frames to come
up with better more robust solutions would be a good idea; like "*we won't
wait another day to see the 20,000 daily deaths by starvation stopped, if
necessary, use the USS Enterprise" ... *or if the Enterprise is unavailable
just use "*put Adam's website on TV"* in lieu of it.

Just to remind you, Allol is a tool I made up to more clearly show us the
superimposed "are you God?" in this place where the intention of Elohim and
Allah and the Shema are to show us that the line of individuality gets
naturally blurred by the progression of technology; and we have a "hands on
tool" in the Silence to see how this blurring can literally end
civilization if we aren't careful.



Yeho or "Yehō-" is the prefix form of "YHWH" used in Hebrew theophoric names
the suffix form "Yahū" (ya, who
!) or "-Yehū" is just as common. See like "Yahoo" and the American Army
war cries, it's very obvious that the ineffable name connects to the name
of our planet, Adamah; when you see it written as "Ya-who-ah?" It's part
of a designed weapon against this alien influence, depicted as such ...
very clearly in Dr. Who--and the intersect of "Who" also links to band
names--this message stands as stone--seeing it delivered to the world
proves that censorship has been overcome, and before that mind control; and
it gives us the tool we need to ensure that we never again are plagued by
hidden slavery.

My name
and the story an
I am present
are mor
than just a weapon against mind control; it's a call for drastically
increased social progress with the evolution of democracy with technology,
and also for a reworking of ourbroken justice system
our broken mental health an
p harm ac*eut*ical industries--to see that these same mind control
technologies show us very clearly that the inner workings of our brain
have been mapped, and that they can be influenced without drugs--we could
(and will) have brain area targeted solutions in months or years instead of
decades or a century. The Goddard key, I think I'll call it, is to see
"designated driver to road" the AA mantra that "science hasn't done so yet"
is just about as true as the phrase "god is good all the time" including
the plain English obvious inequality.


Just like you'd have a publicly accessible and anonymized record of electronic
voting results, if you cared
the veracity of the vote and the sanctity (or is it sanity?) of the
system... you could call it for "Social Security." We'd probably be there
already if the Constitution had been amended to account for new
communications technologies (like the telephone!) in the early years of
this millennium, rather than doing exactly the opposite with illegal laws
like the Patriot Act. Literally, not reacting to this message is the Lake
swallowing X-Caliber--taking the magical power
change the world right from your hands.

We should really be in a place where the "
and the "
and the "
of the world, the popular ones--we should be in a place where these things
are not all *countable* on a single finger. These are the tools that will
become a framework for government; for self governance that are being
sparked and guided here--in this place, by the "Two of Everything God and
-- "air" owe the Toxicity of your City ... owe the "sacred Silence" for
what I see as unavoidable *danger **will wright as sun. *There is no
coming out of this place without seeing tears fall, without seeing the
rain. If only tears for the 3 years we've ignored that there's a button we
can press and stop 20,000 people from starving a day;; if only tears for
however long before our generation these things happened--whether this
simulation started at A.D. 0 or at 1492 ... or tears because I have to tell
you that we need to know what that number is, and we need to ensure the
truth is not lost--*jazzercise*, the trump card of the "SpaceMountain"
system is saving
all of Cre
starting with Ur, as "you were right before you disagreed."

If only because you never knew "City" meant Heaven and "tears" meant rain;
if only becaue this message was hidden for so long--if only because you
wanted so badly to bow and pray to something that wants you to be free--the
rain will fall.

Instead we are here looking at Silence, and needing to work through issues
of free speech and free thought before we can even begin to see this
message for what it is--literally all around us, through our hands, and
soon by our wishes and desires is the plan of the "planet" to build Heaven;
see we are in a place where there is no alternative morally--we must break
through this barrier of silence, and we must see that the change in "frame
of reference" connected to the disclosure that we are living in virtual
reality demands that we *discontinue* the simulation of disease and Rapidly
Report ... the connection between the work of Dick and an
"acceleration of the Second Coming" to protect our children and ourselves
from senseless violence--to stop murder and terrorism electronically.
Understand I know these things are possible, and I have seen them
done--what you have before you is proof of "virtual reality" in the Silence
beginning with Silicon and in the message that could not possibly be
written in reality. You are looking at a "HELO WORLD" from all of Creation
... to you, asking you to see that this proof and this message is
actionable and that you can and should *call a lucky reporter*.


We should be talking about
and interoperability between competing systems of legislation preparing or
authoring systems and the blockchain based voting syste
that really needs to be overseen by an international body--and open source.
What you are getting with "the Second Coming" is a powerful force of
acceleration for the process of liberation and the evolution of
government. All you really have to see is that it's obvious that it will
"coincide" coincidentally with the tears of joy that we are seeing
"Atlantis rise" and seeing that the Y really is "malady" it's sight of the
fact that it is the world seeing this message and reacting that really will
make the Heavens respond.

Just because we see progress, people "talking about" doing something to
protect free speech and our ability to communicate doesn't mean we are
moving in the "right direction." The popularity of these sites, and musci
and movies, and the outcome of elections are secretly influenced by
technology that is *fucking obviously being used; *and this message and
story proves that--as well as providing "sound advice" about how we might
better use it when we wander into the place that will allow us to make
better tools.

The bottom line is that we are in a "simulation" or "virtual reality" and
the simulator itself is speaking to you--asking you to try to see the
light, this is a moral standard that should be obvious to everyone--if what
you are doing is worse or more negative than the rest state, take a fucking
break and figure out why you are evil.

You have clear proof of vulnerability to this "mind control attack"
Wikipedia, moderator actions that are clearly inappropriate
and its effects on the infrastructure of the internet; BLOCKCHAIN is a
message in and of itself, telling you that the infrastructure that we have
... one designed to protect communication in case of disaster can be made
significantly more robust, perficient, and protective if it were
distributed in an actual cloud not controlled by any single company or

This message clearly displays that our communications infrastructure is
vulnerable to attack, and that we have the tools we need to overcome packet
eating firewalls like CARNIVORE .. and I really think we are missing the
point--this message can and should change the world--hiding it, trying to
prolong "Kansas" is tantamount to starving 20,000 people a day, and
preventing everyone with a permanent infirmity from being healed.


Kingdom is a bad word in my world; I've been fighting for a confederacy for
quite some time, and I see it--my desires--reinforced by the message and
it's author--I see "mal-who-to" (which is the Hebrew for kingdom. bad...
"who to?" ... Clinton, Hilton,... Washington?) as a message from Him about
both this situation and the word. We stand here looking at practical
insanity--as the Doors sang ... "and the children are all insane" in The
End. That's what I see, and what I've been trying to explain ... wisdom
and kindom to all--*doing the message* makes you the builders of Heaven.



After *nobody on Earth* voted against feeding the hungry and getting paid
to do it; we could move on to whether or not we should start by
transforming every microwave into a food replicator, or maybe hovering hot
dog and eggplant stands; or if we should jump directly to turning every
jail and prison on the planet into a soup kitchen. Granted this is a no b
and the angels here ended world hunger at least 3 times already, but
neither yet bread for the wise--I'm not sure if they did it by ensuring
prisoners had plenty of bread (*and green eggs and spam
to eat.

That's not really obvious as enslavement, until you see it might be keeping
the world from being able to speak... in sum... about something as "no brain
simple as "should we be able to talk about anything we want?" It does seem
pretty obvious that something supernatural is keeping this discussion from
... from you ... and from the mythology of "the First Morning" and from
these clues in the annals of Medusa
the Fates
now in the same polarization we see throughout Exodus connecting the NT
stories of the Pharisees ... also you--the Silence--we see another
parallel link
between the 40 years wander in the desert and Christ's "40 days"
the wilderness. We appear to have guidance helping us to see that
overcoming the Plague of Darkness really does have everything to do with
the sun rising in the morning; and this light shining on democracy and on
the sword of Arthur and on the Lake of the Multitude.



Barush ati Adonses el... oh, *he knew. The website also has search now,
which would come in handy if you were interested in finding something--and
didn't know everything.*

Again... *again*, not seeing this polarization, or the connection between
the number 40 and time travel (look! *the 4th dimension*) shows a kind of
blindness that is the thing the Plague of Darkness describes--literally our
have been kept from seeing these obvious patterns connecting across
multiple religions and books; as a tool to reveal the hidden technology
behind ... seeing the pattern? These aren't opinions or analysis; this is
information coming directly from the ultimate author of these stories (*and
the words they are written with*) and that's the proof that this is their
intent. "USA" is in Medusa and Jerusalem to show you that this message
comes to us through time, specifically about *right now*--refusing to see
this message is authenticated doesn't help you out of slavery, or
blindness, or to use this message at all.



---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: <>
Date: Sat, Sep 16, 2017 at 9:58 AM
Subject: This is not a test of the Emergency Broadcast System. We are
currently experiencing an ELE, do something.

I can take you where you want to be, and show you the things you need to
see; but I am one of them, and you seem to have traded me for fake blue
skies and pain. We are living in a virtual world, with a disclosure of that
the sky and everywhere around you, and it is being ignored by the media, by
the government, and by you. There's a clear path
to Heaven
a place of technological
, moral
and social
to *kindom cum
you... have... nothing... to.... say?

*That's great*, it starts with an Earthquake on *3*/*11*/11, then some
birds flying from the Ark of Noahah to you today, then Medusa
, *that's the snake, *and *it* also happens to be the Abomination of
Desolation, see our light at that link, it's "*INATION*" speaking through
your mouths; or "shutting them" for you.

The next line talks about aeroplanes, and there's plenty of proof *that
predicted in the Bible
The point of all this is not to "rub in" the fact that we are in Hell, but
to show you that your actions, and your existence can set not only us free,
but the entirety of Creation--all you have to do is "*stand up and shout.*"

It's the beginning of Heaven, and *you should believe it*, *the 411* is
"force majeure" blaming the majority for "acts of God" or are you actually
going to sit here and as one single mind decide that "discussion of virtual
reality" is precluded from our society because you are mindless zombies?

Oh right, because you "don't like me


My name is Adam Marshall Dobrin, and when you see it on TV, you will
finally know you are free... and OTW to Heaven on Earth.


I don't care if you don't like me--if you don't like this message you
really should see that "not wanting Heaven" or 'not wanting to be the
builders of Heaven" is so obviously idio*tic* and ... it's self harm, and
obviously wrong for both the individual and the whole--it's obviously the
influence of this hidden technology ... and honestly I've experienced it
... there's no way or reason you could know that your desires are being
altered unless it's shown to you. See, you should see that the Silence is
not in your best interest; anyway... call a reporter, K?