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Re: [Phys-L] Timing Statistic

Hi --

Just now I pushed a new version of the spindown spreadsheet.

The most interesting thing is a new diagram:
which is zoomed-enough to show the stair-steps associated
with the excessive and unreasonable roundoff error.

Also there are some lagged-residual plots, of which the
most interesting is:

In addition to the 20-per-second data analyzed previously, I
carried out the same sort of analysis for the 100-per-second
data. The diagrams for the latter are in the spreadsheet file
only; I didn't save them as separate .png files.

More finely-spaced t values are a step in the right direction,
but 100 per second does not solve the real problem. Not even
close. The important concept is, we don't necessarily need
more points; what we urgently need is two or three more orders
of magnitude more resolution on the timestamps on the points
we already have.

More resolution is synonymous with less roundoff error.