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Re: [Phys-l] evanescent microwaves?

On 2012, Feb 23, , at 09:45, brian whatcott wrote:

Building on Jeff's interesting input: 50 lb animal licks are to be had
in any country district
They come in 3 general varieties:
A salt block (white)
A mineralized salt block (brown)
A protein loaded mineral block (brown)

These are listed in ascending price starting around $6 or $7 in these parts.

Brian W

Any bets on their relative transmission at 10 GHz?

Wow! much less expensive than wax -- but > 2X denser!! Also prob. friable. The wax will sag on a hot day tho.

bc who lives in an AG region, but mostly flora, where head [iceberg] lettuce was developed for iced shipment to the East coast, as described by Steinbeck in East of Eden)