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Re: [Phys-l] Is something wrong here?????

On 2012, Feb 14, , at 12:22, Christopher M. Gould wrote:

Now while it's true that you _can_ specify directions at the South
Pole, e.g., by identifying a particular line of longitude, you can't
specify a precise direction by giving a name on a compass. All
directions are north.

It's a mistake. Let it die.

I doubt that the magnetic S. is coincident w/ the angular motion pole, but then this is just "lawyering".

And, as I wrote, once off the S. pole one may move E & W, and even south.

bc not convinced, and, therefore, not letting it die.

p.s. I still think the prob. was 80 miles? !!! depth. Why has Orin not elucidated?

p.p.s. Is Mr. Gould thinking of a gyroscopic compass instead of a magnetic one?