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Re: [Phys-l] [PHYSHARE] Darwinism under attack? plus some relevantDarwin quotes

From reading the stories it seems that one agency in the state government is
trying to shepherd the creationist institute to be able to grant master's
degrees in science. But the state only accepts accreditation from a limited
number of legitimate organizations, all of which are unlikely to grant the
accreditation. So the institute probably has no way of suing to get the
accreditation. The accreditation committee had no credentials in science,
so they would also have little leverage with legitimate accreditation
agencies. They could possibly become accredited in theology, but they do
not want that type of degree.

Then of course if a parent sues a school that teaches creation science the
federal courts have held very firm on this issue that it is religion, and
may not be taught in public schools. This would leave their graduates only
jobs in fundamentalist private schools. But private schools in TX do not
have to have certified teachers.

While it is an attack, it is being well exposed and ridiculed. Since the
number of citizens of the US who believe in creationism is on the wane, I
think this is essentially a rearguard action. The fundamentalists are
fighting hard because they see they are losing.

John M. Clement
Houston, TX

Another way that Darwin is under attack: In Dec 2007, a Texas state
advisory group gave the Institute for Creation Research preliminary
approval to offer an online master's degree in science education. The
Dallas creationist group proposal is intended to allegedly train


By June 2008, the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board in April
rejected the request, saying the program did not meet state academic
standards. The institute has petitioned the board to reverse its
on, saying the board discriminated against the institute for its
views on evolution. If the petition is denied, the institute could
its case to court.