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[Phys-l] Ca mandates 8th-grade algebra test

As a high school math and science teacher, I think the push of algebra into grade school is one of the major mistakes of education.

I once substituted a sixth grade standard math class in which the topic for the week was algebraic inequalities - talk about absurd!

IMHO, this is the major reason so many students arrive at high school functionally innumerate.

Bob Yeend
Justin-Siena H.S.
Napa, CA

On Jul 10, 2008, at 9:54 AM, Bernard Cleyet wrote:

Headline in my local paper; The Californian, July 10.

The night before the governor's appointed board of education was to
vote on the elected Sup of Ed.'s proposed test, the Gov. issued a
letter recommending a "full" algebra test. O'Connell's would have
measured only some algebra stds. [Only one of the appointees
"bucked" the Gov.]

My experience is that some students are not mature enuff for algebra
and only a pre-algebra should be offered in the 8th-grade.

Any comments, please?

bc thinks this is an RH invite.
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