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Re: [Phys-l] base of log

Must be; I use ln and I'm very common.


p.s. Kaleidograph uses ln, does Excel also?

On 2008, Jul 03, , at 09:32, Alby Reid wrote:

I've always used ln ("ell-en") for log_e - is this uncommon?


Alby <>

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On 07/03/2008 06:52 AM, Dan Crowe wrote:
I have many books and papers in which "log" refers to the base e. I
also have a comparable number of books and papers in which "log"
refers to the base 10.

In the field of information theory, "log" very commonly refers to base 2.


The only consistent approach to the subject it to say that "log" by
itself does not denote or even connote any particular base. It could
be 2, e, 10, or something else entirely. Sometimes the base is specified
by context, and sometimes it is left unspecified because it doesn't matter.

The huuuge base
is often encountered in thermodynamics. For the next level of detail, see


The integral of zee-squared dee zee,
From 1 to the cube root of 3,
Times the cosine,
Of 3 pi over 9,
Is the log of the cube root of e.