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Re: [Phys-l] [clocksgroup] mainspring repair - is it possible

These coils of flat spring steel are referred to as 'Constant Force' springs by mech. engineers.

When I first heard the term - I wondered if engineers adopted it just to frustrate the teaching of Hooke's 'Law' in physics classes.

On Jun 29, 2008, at Jun 29(Sun) 5:59 , Bernard Cleyet wrote:

A, ha; just how a replaceable metal tape measure is attached in its
"barrel". As FP wrote, no stress, because both ends don't bend as
much, instead hinge.

bc uses a hemostat to hold the spring end when replacing.

On 2008, Jun 29, , at 13:22, Frank Patten wrote:

My father once told me that effective wartime repairs to
mainsprings could be made by filing a keyhole in one side of the
break and a 'T' on the other side. The stress on this is fairly low
because the repair is free to move. Must be a pig to wind into the
barrel though.

Best regards, Frank.