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Re: [Phys-l] Automated "out of office" replies

Be happy that David is subscribed to the Digest, otherwise we would get one of these with each and every post to Phys-L. At least he will be back in two more days!


Rick (Who had an infinite loop going with AT&T and the post office. When their mailings hit the post office and were being forwarded, that generated an change of address notification back to AT&T. That notification triggered an automatic mailing to the original address asking to have the change confirmed. Of course that mailing got forwarded, triggered a change notification back to AT&T which triggered another confirmation message--you get the picture!)

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Subject: [Phys-l] Automated "out of office" replies

I've always wondered if this sort of thing might get thrown into a non-terminating loop until someone steps in and prevents those replies from being sent to an automated distribution list.

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I will be away from the office from june 10 through june 19th and look
forward to reading your message when I return.

David Strasburger