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Re: [Phys-l] general science surveys anyone?

I am the physics professor in question...and I just want to clarify what trevor wrote.

While I do ask students, via clickers, about moon phases and the majority get it wrong, I do not say
that physicists miss this question. We then go on to a detailed explanation as to how the moon phases
occur before doing a group activity on the topic.

My comment about physicsts getting it wrong relates to an interactive demonstration that I do with a

David Marx
Physics Department
Illinois State University

On 2 Jun 2008 at 10:58, Trevor Fink wrote:

My physics professor asked us one question: Why does the moon go through
phases? The majority of us got it wrong. It was important that he told us
that the question was asked to a room full of leading physicists and many of
them got it wrong. It made us feel like ok, maybe I'm not that big of a
moron and I'm capable of learning this. If his story was true or not, I
don't know.

I just went and tested the quizzes, these are my findings:
Appropriate for a 5th grader or, as the test indicates, to familiarize an
ESL student.
This IQ test is not like any other I've ever taken and requires the student
to know pop culture, state nicknames, and classic jazz. Further, it
requires you to sign up for a special offer at the end to see your score. I
guess I'll never know...
Fairly easy, but I missed one.
This was the most fun because of the format and had the best questions, IMHO
A large compellation of quizzes.


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