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Re: [Phys-l] Physics Education Research

At 3:00 PM -0700 4/3/08, Richard Hake wrote:
ABSTRACT: High school teacher Ed Eckel complained in a PhysLrnR post
about the $149 price of the 2008 hard copy edition of Calvin Kalman's
book "Successful Science and Engineering Teaching. . . ." Kalman
responded that the 2007 paperback edition is only $30. A recent
PhySoc post by Art Hobson indicates a possible way to lower textbook
prices - authors can follow his example and complain to the
publisher - but the results of Art's complaint do not seem to have
had an effect on prices quoted online for Hobson's book "Physics:
Concepts & Connections." Joe Redish has outdone Hobson in lowering
book prices by placing "Teaching Physics With the Physics Suite"
[Redish (2003)] online and FREE to all! Paraphrasing Redish "Will
web documents with interactivity lead to textbooks just withering
away, despite their apparent current vitality?"

The price has been reduced (US)has it at a 20% discount

and Canadian colleagues can save 36% at


Best wishes


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