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Re: Schrodinger equation origins

Hi Larry-
Schroedinger's writings are very clear about his thinking. See
Erwin Schroedinger, Collected Papers on Wave Mechanics
Publisher: American Mathematical Society
Distributor: American Mathematical Society
Series: AMS Chelsea Publishing
Publication Year: 1982
ISBN: 0-8218-2976-9
Paging: 224 pp.
Binding: Softcover

On Thu, 19 Feb 2004, Larry Smith wrote:

One of my intro Modern Physics texts says regarding the genesis (origin) of
the Schrodinger wave equation "Like the classical wave equation, the
Schrodinger equation relates the time and space derivatives of the wave
function. Schrodinger's reasoning is somewhat difficult to follow and is
not important for our purposes. In any case, the Schrodinger equation
cannot be derived, just as Newton's laws of motion cannot be derived."

Can the list give me a sense of Schrodinger's line of reasoning in
developing his wave equation?


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