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Anncmt: MODELING WORKSHOPS nationwide in summer 2004

Will you please forward this announcement to high school physics teachers
in your town?

Most high school physics teachers are cross-over teachers; most don't
belong to the AAPT. Thus they never hear about Modeling Workshops. That is
unfortunate for the entire physics community. I hope that YOU will tell
Jane Jackson
Arizona State University

(updated Feb. 17, 2004)

High school physics teachers:
Don't delay - we urge you to take a Modeling Workshop THIS summer
before grants end.
Almost 1400 teachers have learned Modeling Instruction, and most prefer
it to conventional instruction. It corrects many weaknesses of the
traditional lecture-demonstration method, including fragmentation of
knowledge, student passivity, and persistence of naive beliefs about the
physical world.
Modeling Workshops in summer 2004 are listed alphabetically below, by
state. They range in duration from 3 weeks to 4 weeks. Workshops thoroughly
treat the pedagogy and content for the mechanics portion of a physics
course, or for physical science. Content is reorganized around basic models
to increase its structural coherence.
Participants are supplied with a complete set of course materials and
work through activities alternately in the roles of student or teacher, as
they practice techniques of guided inquiry and cooperative learning.
In 2001, Modeling Instruction was recognized as an Exemplary K-12
science program and a Promising K-12 educational technology program by the
U.S. Dept. of Education.
Teachers receive stipends and/or tuition waivers, instructional
materials, sometimes free housing, at most workshops. (State funded
workshops usually provide these only for in-state teachers.)
A Modeling Workshop can be an excellent investment for your school
because you can become a valuable resource for teaching science effectively
with technology! For underprepared teachers, a Modeling Workshop provides
content remediation.

Arizona State University - Tempe (funded by the Nat'l Science Foundation)
For high school physics teachers nationwide.
Choose June 14 - July 2 or July 6 - 30
Content: mechanics.
Peer leaders: Jeff Hengesbach, 3 others
Also 2 workshops in electricity or waves/sound/light. (same dates)
(Prerequisite: modeling workshop in mechanics)
Peer leaders: Larry Dukerich, Tim Burgess, Michael Crofton, Rich McNamara
Contact <>, 480-965-8438,
Visit <> and click on ASU graduate program ...
Florida International University, Miami (funded by the Nat'l Science
Dates to be determined
For high school physics teachers. Out-of-state teachers can attend.
Content: mechanics
Contact Prof. Laird Kramer <>
Spelman College in Atlanta. (Pending state funding.)
For high school physics teachers.
Content: mechanics
Out-of-state teachers can attend at own expense, if space is available.
Contact Prof. Paul Camp <>
Southwest Missouri State University (received state funding).
Dates to be determined. Four follow-up days in fall.
For 18 middle school science and HS physics or physical science teachers.
Participants must teach at "high-need" schools in Missouri.
Content: underpinnings, mechanics.
Peer leaders: Julia Eichman and Joel Klammer.
Large stipend.
Four semester hours of graduate credit at free tuition.
Vernier MBL probes will be used with computers.
Contact Prof. Mani Manivannan <>
SUNY-Buffalo State College in New York
July 7-23, 2004
PHY 620: Powerful Ideas and Quantitative Modeling in
Mechanics (6 credits)
for 30 HS physics teachers.
Instructors: Dan MacIsaac, Dewayne Beery, Chris Filkins
Contact Dan MacIsaac, 716-878-3802,
Limited scholarship funds are available (see the site; also other
SUNY-BSC Summer Physics Teachers' Academy courses).
Visit <>

NORTH CAROLINA (pending approval by the National Science Foundation)
Workshops in second semester physics content.
Prerequisite: 3 week modeling workshop in mechanics.
Contact Nancy Murray <>, (336) 377-9864
Application is at <>
The Ohio State University (funded by the Ohio Board of Regents)
June 14 - July 1, 2004
Workshop for 24 central Ohio HS teachers of physical science and/or physics
Content: mechanics
Leaders: Jason Cervenec (Worthington Kilbourne High School)
Kathy Harper (OSU)
Andrew Heckler (OSU)
Participants will receive 6 graduate credits in physics and free
lunch each day, in addition to workshop materials.
Contact Kathy Harper <>
WISCONSIN (received state funding. )

UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN - Oshkosh (north of Milwaukee)
June 14-July 2
For 24 High School teachers of physics and physical science.
Content: math modeling, dynamics, CASTLE electricity
Peer leaders: Jeff Elmer, Patricia Westphal, Jim Schmitt, Greg Groeschl
3 semester hours graduate credit. Free tuition for Wisconsin teachers.
$1000 for classroom technology.
Free room & board on UWO campus.
2 days follow-up during the academic year.
Out of state teachers can attend if space is available.
Vernier MBL probes will be used with computers.
Contact Prof. Mark J. Lattery, (920)424-7105
Application is at:
For detailed information on Modeling Instruction, visit

I am continually amazed at how the modeling method manages to give students
1) the opportunity to confront their misconceptions about physics head on,
2) the ability to analyze their data in an in-depth, consistent way in
order to construct appropriate models, and
3) the skill and confidence needed to interpret their results (as well as
others') in a scientifically critical way. (Jim Stankevitz, Wheaton, IL)

An important objective of education is to move students along the road
towards self-suffiency. I feel that the modeling method does this better
than anything else I have seen. (Louis Turner, Massachusetts - formerly Ohio)

The project gives the teacher the knowledge and practice needed to develop
or adapt other materials to the modeling method. The teacher is not
restricted to particular topics or materials from the workshops because the
modeling method is a WAY to teach, not an independent topic to teach. (Art
Woodruff, Sanford, FL)

It is the finest example of constructivist teaching in the U.S. It has
changed my life and the way I teach. (Don Yost, near Sacramento)

Jane Jackson, Co-Director, Modeling Instruction Program
Box 871504, Dept.of Physics & Astronomy,ASU,Tempe,AZ 85287
480-965-8438/fax:965-7331 <>