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Re: Winds and temperature

One must also remember that the air above us will warm
adiabatically if brought down to the surface. Consequently,
even if an inversion doesn't develop (i.e., even if the
air above is still colder than the air down at the surface),
mixing the surface air with the air above it will tend to
warm the surface air and cool the air above it.

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3) is basically the correct reason. The ground radiates and
cools. Th= e air in contact with ground therefore cools more
rapidly than the ai= r above. Without a wind to mix the air,
a classic inversion results.

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On 2/16/2004 at 1:16 PM Gary Turner wrote:

I hear frequently on weather reports comments along the lines of "li=
wind tonight so expect temperatures to drop". I haven't managed to
convince myself of the reason for this, so I asked around - some I h=

3) Cold air sinks and without winds to remix it, the air near the g=
gets colder.
(Does that mean that the air aloft is warmer on still nights than on=