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Re: Specific Heat

Quoting Tony Wayne <wayne@PEN.K12.VA.US>:

WITHIN A PHASE, does the specific heat of a substance have any varian=
with temperature?


It can vary by many, many orders of magnitude. For example data
and explanation, see

For that matter "WITHIN A PHASE" as you merely _approach_ a
critical point, there's not just 'some' variation in the
specific heat ... there's an infinite variation in the
specific heat!

In other words, does the specific heat of water=
(liquid phase) have a range from say 4185.8 to 4186.3 J/C=95kg (arbit=
numbers for example only) from 0 to 100 degrees C?

That's a different question. Water is highly anomalous. Its
specific heat is remarkably high, and has remarkably little
variation with temperature. Also, it is liquid over only a
modest range of absolute temperature (297 is 75% of 397).