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Re: Taking the long term view in education (Was: Definition of Capacitance)

--- John Clement <clement@HAL-PC.ORG> wrote:

Hi John -
An interesting expy my last year at Apex HS in NC. In
August I gave the FCI as a pre-exam to my new AP
class. Newbies, including one student who had had a
non-IE course the year before, averaged around 10 (as
usual for this group). With one exception, all of my
former students equalled or bettered their May
post-instruction scores (at which time all had scored
21 or better). The one student who declined went from
29 t0 27 - still quite solid understanding of
Newtonian mechanics. Of course, this group was not a
random sample of the total student population. Results
agree with Hestenes' data which shows that the gains
achieved with Modeling are the best for the brightest

Cheers, John Barrere

PS - Surgery date is 3/8. Last week I had a
color-enhanced ultrasound which fortunately showed no
evidence of non-organ-confined disease.