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Re: major-nonmajor

I think it washes out -- i.e. mixing majors w/ non happens -- for most.
The musician is lost in the Art class and visa versa. I took Mudrick's
* Chaucer, because he was legendary, instead of kiddy lit., which many
of the science majors took. I later learned that any NON major who
tried got at least a B.

At UCSB (50's) the majors didn't take the intro. courses -- the only
problems came in the upper division courses.

* Founder of the College of Creative Studies.


Hugh Haskell wrote:

At 19:00 -0800 2/12/04, Wes Davis wrote:

When I was in college (back in the sixties), competing in general education
classes with majors in that field was the rule, rather than the exception.
I took a year of economics with economics majors, biology with biology
majors, English with English majors. I did not find it hard to compete.

I think it's a selective thing. It's pretty much only in physics and
maybe chemistry that special courses for non-majors are offered.
Although too many of these courses are just dumbed-down traditional
courses, I think a carefully constructed course that emphasizes the
cultural aspect of science in general and physics in particular is
more appropriate for non majors than a straight engineering physics