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Re: Opening at East Central College

On Wednesday, February 11, 2004, at 05:41 PM, RAUBER, JOEL wrote:


I can appreciate why you froze the account and would concur. However,
curious as to what your attitude would be if the post wasn't anonymous?

Joel R

Well, the system isn't very secure (as was just demonstrated quite well
:^) -
it's not designed well to exclude folk unless I make drastic alterations
to the settings for PHYS-L, which I haven't YET done.

I do consider anonymous public complaints, unverifiable and possibly
made by disgruntled ex-employees who are not regular list members to be
questionable and distasteful at best. PHYS-L is not intended to be a
for anonymously smearing institutions, nor a replacement for a genuine
redress of employment grievances. I welcome discussion of these ISSUES,
but not the specific smearing of any institution. In any case, my
and reactions are shaped by the thoughts of PHYS-L community members,
the utility of the Listserv Sw and possible legal threats to PHYS-L

If the poster of the original message would like to professionally
these issues as a legitimate, named contributing member of PHYS-L that
would address most of my concerns. I'd also prefer the tone remained
professional and substantial.

Dan M

Dan MacIsaac, Assistant Professor of Physics, SUNY-Buffalo State College
222SCIE BSC, 1300 Elmwood Ave , Buffalo NY 14222 USA 716-878-3802
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