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Re: Opening at East Central College

Perhaps the simplest explanation is the correct one --
I merely offer my personal opinion and view of events
as a sincere warning to others who might seek a
position with this institution.

If you drove down a road and found it was terrorized
by bandits, had a bridge out, or was blocked by a
landslide, wouldn't you try to warn anybody else who
might consider driving down that road?

Now, maybe, the next driver simply won't believe you
and drives down the road anyway, or, maybe, the next
driver has a better vehicle or better driving skills
than you do and so can successfully navigate through
the hazards. Even so, who among us would remain
silent and not even try to warn of the hazard?

It's sad. I taught five years at another institution,
and I never had the problems like I've had here.
Changing grades without telling the instructor?
Excusing students from attending class? Failing to
verify prerequisites? Lowering standards? And these
are not isolated instances, but have occurred
repeatedly for many students over multiple semesters.
Would you consider this acceptable if at your

If I knew then what I know now, I wouldn't have taken
the job. I picture the next person -- excited,
enthusiastic, thinking they are going to make a
difference. I can't just standby and let him or her
walk into a buzzsaw. There are real problems here.
Maybe they will look elsewhere and so avoid them.
Maybe they will take the job anyway and overcome them.
I just think they should know.

As for these unidentified postings? The Internet
never forgets, so I'm choosing not to sign these
messages. To some, this decreases my credibility. I
agree. But, if I'm driving and a stranger waves at me
to warn that the bridge is out ahead, I'd be foolish
to ignore his warning just because he doesn't tell me
his name. But neither would I turn around and go a
different way based just on his warning. To be sure,
though, I'd heighten my alertness so I might avoid

I will make no further postings on this matter.

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