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Re: Opening at East Central College

One gathers that the description was either a fictitious posting,
intended to comment upon the state of higher education (though the
college is not fictitious), or a "disclaimer" written to counteract a
much more positive advertisement that shall soon be appearing for an
actual position. In the latter case, I would guess that it is
written either by the person leaving the position, or a potential
colleague, given the anonymous nature of the email address of the

After reading the description of the job that is described
in the letter below, it is a wonder why anyone would
apply for such a job. Is it possible that the job has some
real perks to balance the negative job description?
Perhaps a bonus of several hundred thousand dollars
for each student that really learns despite the problems?

Herb Gottlieb from New York City
( Where things are "wonderful" in comparison)

Stephen D. Murray
Physicist, AX Division
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Phone: (925) 423-9382
FAX: (925) 423-0925