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Re: PHYS-L Digest - 3 Feb 2004 to 4 Feb 2004 (#2004-35)

| Perhaps we should think about it this way: given a set of students who
| will
| most likely not go into science fields, who will work most likely for
| corporations, and have 1 semester to learn "Physics", what do you cover?
| My
| feeling is that the essence of physics can be summarized by a few
| concepts:
| * estimation, and dealing with large and small numbers
| * critical thinking, and falsification of explanations
| * conservation laws as a tool to describe many diverse phenomena, from the
| largest scales to the smallest
| * relativity, the role of measurement, and the wave nature of matter as
| the
| "unintuitive" modern science, upon which all technology rests
I'd venture to say that given your stipulations of one semester and the
clientele that even the above list unfortunately needs to be pruned.

Joel R