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Newton's Apple in Boston

Dear Physics Educator,

Newton's Apple Multimedia would like to announce that we will be holding a
multimedia training short course at the NSTA convention in Boston (March
25, 1999). The course will teach the basics of using and creating
multimedia through hands on experience with CD-ROM software, the Internet,
videodisc players and other media. Educators will learn how to integrate
multimedia into all areas of their curriculum, including lesson plans,
inquiry-based learning, and student presentations. Those who attend the
course will also receive materials from the Newton's Apple Multimedia

The course provides educators with the opportunity to work with a wide
variety of technologies and see how they can be incorporated into
classroom activities. Educators will have the opportunity to explore the
multimedia technologies with the help of workshop facilitators, who have
extensive experience in creating multimedia software for the science

Application is necessary to attend. Deadline for registration is March 9.
A confirmation letter will be sent by the 12th of March. We realize that
the deadline in fast approaching, but if you can contact Ben Lang before
the 12th of March and let him know you are interested in attending we can
find a spot for you. Please don't hesitate and miss your opportunity.

Here are the dates and times and cost:

March 25, 1999
8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Hynes Convention Center, Room 205

To register for the Boston short course,
Please look for our registration form in the "NSTA National Convention
Advance Program"
Send a check for $50 payable to 'Twin Cities Public Television' along with
Home Address
Work/Home Phone
Also please relate any experience you may have with working with
multimedia in your classroom.
We'd also like to know what equipment you have used for instruction (eg.
videotape player, videodisc, computers, PC or Mac, CD-ROM, Internet, etc.)?

Send contact information and check to:
Ben Lang
Production Assistant
Newton's Apple
172 E. Fourth St.
St. Paul, MN 55101

Questions? Call 651-229-1435
Or e-mail: