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Re: videotape data on free fall

In some cameras the way in which fast shutter speeds are attained is by
sweeping a slit across the face of the film. The film is only exposed
when the slit is in front of it. Thin, fast moving slits make for short
exposures. Is this how a cam corder works? Is this relevent to producing
"clean" images of fast moving objects? Does the orientation of the camera

I don't think so. The focal plane shutter produces distorted photographs.
The old Speed Graphic pictures of Indianapolis champions taking the
checkered flag in their elliptical-wheeled cars is a good example, one
which penetrated the culture to the extent that elliptical wheels were
drawn in cartoons to indicate speed*. My camcorder produces no such
distortion when used at high "shutter speeds", but as I said before, it
might be the case that not all camcorders work that way.


*Another interesting device is the stationary slit and moving film camera
that is used to photograph the finish line in horse and human races.